Weichert Relocation Resources Inc

WRRI offers all of our colleagues the promise of a brighter future and the excitement of belonging to a growing and progressive organization. To that end, we strive to create a culture that promotes personal and professional growth in a number of ways:

We listen.
Our colleagues represent the brightest minds in the relocation industry; skilled professionals who have been carefully trained and empowered to provide brighter relocation experiences to our clients and their employees. We are passionate about not just meeting service expectations, but exceeding them, and we understand that the key to providing personalized assistance is listening to what our customers want.

We learn.
Our success is built on providing our colleagues with the skill sets and tools they need to perform their jobs even better. Every colleague must complete up to twenty hours of internal Continuing Education training each year which empowers them to deliver unmatched personal support and build brighter futures for our clients and their employees.

We inspire.
To foster a culture of excellence, WRRI has made employee recognition a priority. We are always open to ideas that can help us make our business even better, and through our Rewards and Recognition program, we encourage creativity and problem-solving. For example, our "Brighter Idea" Award recognizes those colleagues who suggest ideas that help to improve our business and make our company brighter.

We create Raving Fans.
At WRRI, we’re not satisfied with delivering superior service. Our goal is to create Raving Fans. To that end, we’ve developed a proprietary Raving Fans service program that motivates our colleagues to become better relocation professionals, to want to be recognized for delivering exemplary service, and to want WRRI to be considered among the world’s great service companies. Raving Fans is truly a brighter service solution; a winning proposition for you and your employees that delivers the following results and advantages:

  • happier, more productive employees
  • simpler relocations and assignments
  • improved recruitment and retention
  • quantifiable performance metrics
  • lower overall program costs

In short, it’s our commitment to exceed your expectations.

Business Purpose
Weichert Relocation Resources Inc has two core businesses - Relocation Management and Assignment Management. Our primary specialization in both businesses is outsourcing.

We maximize the value proposition for clients because we provide a comprehensive group of services in an integrated, seamless and efficient manner. Our relocation management services range from traditional home marketing and homesale to unique services such as pre-decision and travel management programs. Similarly, our assignment management services range from conventional destination services and property management to assignment planning and tax equalization.

Our business strategy is to provide clients with solutions. This strategy allows us to focus on client needs, while maximizing the number of potential business opportunities. We provide outsourcing solutions to traditional customers such as fully outsourced and partially outsourced clients. However, we are also able to provide viable solutions to other customer segments such as non-outsourced clients (in-house programs), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms and Human Resource consulting companies.

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